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With our competency of vertical integration, we not only serve total solutions & quality control to customers, but also provide speedy & flexibility productions to meet customer’s demands.

Hornling has been focusing on the design and manufacturing high quality seat belt restraint systems. These systems are used being used in multiple fields including: versatile ground UTVs, heavy trucks, military HMMWVs, school buses, transit buses, tractors, mowers, emergency vehicles, lift trucks, low speed vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment, golf carts, limos, police vehicles, wheelchair securements, and Individual fall protection systems.

HL-610 ELR Series, HL-525 ELR Series, Two Points ALR Series, Other Products

HL-610 Series Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) Seat Belts

HL- 610 Series ELRs are the most popular and reputable seat belt retractors used for 3 Points (lap and shoulder belts) or 2 points (lap belt) restraint systems. They can be provided as Dual Sensitive ELR (DSELR) or Single Sensitive ELR (SSELR). The HL-610 Series ELRs are being used in a variety of vehicles in North America, including: UTVs, School Buses, Military HMMWV vehicles, Emergency Vehicles, Heavy Trucks, Golf Carts, Transit Buses, Limos, LSVs, Electric Cars and Personal Protection applications.

Utility Vehicle

Emergency Vehicle

School Bus

Heavy Truck

Military HMMWV

Golf Cart

Transit Bus

Electric Vehicles




HL-525 Series Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) Seat Belts

Hornling is the pioneer in the design and the leading manufacturer of ELRs used in harsh environment in which Utility Vehicles (UTV) are operating. The HL- 525 Series ELRs can be used for 3 Points or 2 points restraint systems and they can be provided as Dual Sensitive ELR (DSELR) or Single Sensitive ELR (SSELR). The compact design of the HL-525 enables it to be easily fitted in the most space demanding installations. In addition to its popular use in UTVs, the HL-525 Series are also being used in Lift Trucks, Transit Buses, School Buses, Heavy Trucks, Recreational Vehicles and Emergency Vehicles.

Utility Vehicle

Recreational Vehicle

Lift Truck

Transit Bus

Heavy Tuck



Two Points Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) Seat Belts

The Hornling 2 Point ALR seat belts are compactly engineered and built to be easily fitted in a multiple of applications. They are being used in a variety of applications including: Tractors, Ride-on Mowers, UTVs, Agricultural & Construction Equipment and Golf Carts.




Golf Cart


3” ALR Seat Belt



Other Products


Brake Plate Assembly

Seat Recliner


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