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About Hornling

Hornling’s President and founder, Mr. Lien Lin Wang, has over six decades of experience in mold design and construction. Mr. Wang’s conviction is that the “Mold is the mother of industry” and “Only excellent molds can produce highest quality products”. This philosophy is deeply rooted at Hornling and it is being followed by all Hornling’s employees.

In the past, Hornling was mainly producing safety related auto parts such as: hood latches, door locks, remotes, strikers, door handles, window regulators, brake plate assemblies (certificated by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.), seat recliners, and counters and distance measurement wheel.

For the last four decades Hornling has been focusing on the design and manufacturing high quality seat belt restraint systems. These systems are used being used in multiple fields including: versatile ground UTVs, heavy trucks, military HMMWVs, school buses, transit buses, tractors, mowers, emergency vehicles, lift trucks, low speed vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment, golf carts, limos, police vehicles, wheelchair securements, and Individual fall protection systems.

Hornling has been leading in the design and manufacturing of seat belt restraint systems and safety related products by vertically integrating its manufacturing services- from R&D, mold making, press stamping, plastic injection molding, assembling and testing, which are completely performed in-house.

At Hornling, we strive to maintain excellence through KAIZEN- Relentless Quality Improvement, investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities, and learning cutting-edge technologies. “Exceed Customers’ Expectations” is our guiding principle which is ingrained in our company culture.

“Safer for Life” is our motto and commitment. All of our products have to pass the most stringent inspection and testing. We are dedicated to provide the safest products and the utmost protection for a safer quality of life.



宏霖工業董事長及創辦者 --- 王連霖先生,他有超過六十年的模具設計和製作經驗。王董事長一直堅信“模具為工業之母"以及“只有最好的模具才能生產出最優質的產品"。這個信念一直深深地植入宏霖,且每一位員工也遵守著此信念。








Our Location

167, Gong-Ming Rd., Tainan 70968, Taiwan.
TEL: 886-6-247-7222, 247-2226, 247-2090
FAX: 886-6-247-5111
E-mail: service@hornling.com

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